Presenters / Class Descriptions

Kirk Eason

Kirk Eason is passionate about helping Christians teach, preach, evangelize, and lead. Since his time as a student with the Aggies for Christ, his goal has been to challenge himself, and other Christians, to see the importance of teaching and living out faith in the world.
He has accomplished this through work in campus and youth ministry, and positions with Austin Graduate School of Theology and Lifeline Chaplaincy. He is now the Director of Development – USA for Southern Africa Bible College. An accredited college in South Africa preparing ministers and church leaders for Southern Africa. Kirk also works as a Financial Advisor with US Capital Advisors in Houston, Texas. Kirk holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business with several graduate hours in Bible. He, and wife, Christie, have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

KEYNOTE – Look Like Jesus: No Beauty or Majesty
What is the image of Jesus you have in your mind? Do you get that image from movies or paintings you’ve seen in the past? Maybe, the world has put an image in our mind through comments, or general ideas expressed by people you know. This session will use scripture to challenge our image of what Jesus should look like in today’s culture. Not his physical appearance but his attributes as displayed in our lives.

Look Like Jesus: A Fisherman’s Guide

Talk about transformation! From fishermen to fishers of men. We will examine the Apostle’s journey and use it to guide our transformation and the students we teach.

Look Like Jesus: What’s in a Reflection?
So, we look like Jesus? What does that mean for us, our families, our students, and the world today? This session will dig deeper into the key note topic and help us refine our reflection as well as help our students reflect the glory of Christ.

Naomi Bentley

Naomi has been married to her wonderful husband Joe for 14 years. She has three precious children – Brenna, Ryan and Allison. She has worshiped with the Northern Oaks Church of Christ in San Antonio, TX for almost 13 years. She has taught Bible class (cradle roll through late elementary) since she was in college – almost 20 years! Contact her at

Make It Stick
Teaching tools that will help make the Bible lesson “stick”.

Make and Take
Let’s make a Lapbook!

The Preschool Classroom

Daesha Cuttrell

Daesha is from League City, Texas, where she has worshiped with the League City church of Christ for the last 16 years. She teaches elementary Sunday school classes, Ladies classes, and helps to teach the church’s adult and teenagers Texas Bible Bowl team. She also serves on the Texas Bible Bowl executive committee as treasurer. She has been married to Jeremy for 17 years, and they have adopted one son together. Daesha may be reached at

Adopted and Loved Forever – A Place in God’s Family, Part 1
Christians are adopted into sonship, according to Scriptures. What does this mean to us and our place in God’s family, and how do we respond to God as sons? This class is a look the journey and cost for God to make us part of His family as illustrated through one family’s adoption story.

Adopted and Loved Forever – A Place in God’s Family, Part 2
Christians are adopted into sonship, according to Scriptures. What does this mean to us and our place in God’s family, and how do we respond to God as sons? This class is a look the journey and cost for God to make us part of His family as illustrated through one family’s adoption story.

Beverly Fannin and Paula Johnson

Learning to be More Like Jesus Through Music, Parts 1, 2, & 3

Patrick Hinson

Patrick has been a public and private school educator for 14 years. Currently working with Lake Travis High School. 2003 graduate of Freed Hardeman University with a bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry and 2013 graduate of Concordia University with a masters in Educational Administration. Happily married to Danielle for the last 14 years and father of one son Cade who is currently a 6th grader at Lake Travis Middle School. Patrick may be reached at

The Power of a Name
How can we help teenagers understand the importance of living a life “in the name of Lord Jesus”? We will address ways and strategies to engage learners at the teen level so they can absorb the power of the Word of God and apply it to their everyday lives. 
Pressure of the Name
We will dig into the different pressures which teens feel as they try to live up to the name which is outlined in Colossians 3. Strategies for making teens feel comfortable living in a world which is set to apply pressure to be different will be discussed. 
Purpose of the Name
Teenagers need to understand the purpose for them to live their lives in the name of our Lord. This class will center around helping them to understand their purpose in life and what they can do to live a life worthy of their calling. 

Justin Hopkins

Justin is a 2008 graduate of Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, TX. He also received his Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Amridge University as well as completed his graduate work in Christian Education from SWSBS. While preaching full time for the last ten years, he has worked for the last five years in developing Bible class curriculum and resources for the Lord’s Church.

Considering Developmental Readiness in the Bible Class

Using Technology Effectively to Teach

Leah Hopkins

Leah is a 2009 graduate of Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, TX. While her main focus is teaching, and raising their three sons, she works alongside Justin in developing Bible class resources, writing books and doing graphic design projects.

Teaching 2′ & 3’s

Teaching Multiple Ages in One Classroom

Bob Hughes, Jr.

Born in Wharton, Texas; baptized on Christmas Day 1955 at the age of 14 after enjoying a gospel meeting where Bro. Marshall Keeble had preached. I was encouraged to go to Tennessee to attend Nashville Christian Institute. This school was great blessing for me. I had the opportunity to drive and travel to lectureships and enjoy great preaching. While on campus at N.C.I., I had the golden opportunity to learn of Bro. Keeble’s great wisdom which I only fully understood later. Bro. Keeble (and Bro. Brinkley who baptized me) became my heroes. After leaving Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas, I preached and held gospel meetings in several states.

Racial Diversity Through the Decades in Churches of Christ, Part 1 and 2

Dr. Sharon Jackson

Sharon is currently the curriculum specialist at the church of Christ at East Side in Austin. She has taught Bible classes for kindergarten through adults for the pat 35 years and has spoken at various ladies day programs. She and her husband, Jesse, have worked with congregations to organize their education programs and train teachers. Professionally, Sharon holds a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as a teacher in high school and middle school, administrator at the middle school and elementary levels, and has held central office and state level positions. Sharon is currently retired. Sharon loves to read, especially the Bible. She loves to cook, decorate, teach, travel and host gatherings. She can be contacted at:

Recruiting and Retaining Bible School Teachers
Participants will learn strategies for recruiting and retaining Bible school teachers and discuss how these strategies can be implemented in their home congregations.

Building Capacity for God’s Servants to Become Bible School Teachers
Participants will learn strategies and gather resources on training Bible school teachers, learn the components of a new teacher program, and discuss how to customize these components to meet their own congregational needs.

Imitating the Master Teacher: Strategies to Teach Like Jesus
Participants will take the Qualities of Bible School Teachers Assessment, discuss these qualities, and learn hands-on strategies of how Jesus taught to meet their own classroom needs. Participants will be provided resources to create classroom strategies.

Courtney Kirk

Courtney was raised in the church of Christ, teaching from infants through fifth grade for over 20 years. She shares her philosophy in partnering with parents to raise children to love God and to know Him, teaching kids in a manner they are most likely to engage in class and retain the lessons. She is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at the Leander Church of Christ. Courtney has been married for 23 years. She and her husband have 4 children, two grown and two in high school. She may be contacted at

Raise Kids for Christ: Grow K-5th Classes
Children are the future of the church. Does your children’s program need new life? Learn how you can build a successful, biblical children’s ministry partnering with parents to raise kids to love and know God. Design your class in a way that is prepared for late comers, encourages participation and provides a way to reinforce the lesson at home during the week.

Raise Kids for Christ: Teach to Retain with Learning Styles
Learn to teach kindergarten through fifth grades the way each one learns best using the three top learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Witness them engage in class, retain information and invite their friends. Plus, see how incorporating one or more of these methods aids in teaching children with ADD/ADHD.

Raise Kids for Christ: 3 Years Through the Bible
Take kindergarten through fifth graders on a chronological journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in three years repeating once. Instead of teaching the Bible as a collection of stories, teach it as one big story in history leading us to the cross, God’s plan for us.

Dr. Les Maloney

Les received his Ph.D. from Baylor University while serving as an Army Reserve chaplain on active duty at Fort Hood, TX (2005-2010). He is the author of several articles that have appeared in Restoration Quarterly as well as a series of articles on the U.S. Army chaplaincy in Iraq (2003-2004), which appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Lt. Col. Maloney retired from the Army Reserve chaplaincy in 2013 after 22 years of service. He is now serving as the Education Minister for the Kings Crossing Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, TX and is completing his ministry-focused book on the Psalms from the perspective of a military chaplain. Dr. Maloney also serves as a member of the Professional Advisory Group for the Clinical Pastoral Education program within Christus-Spohn Hospitals in Corpus Christi. Email:

I’m Not Who You Think I Am: God’s Prophet, Amos
By his own admission, Amos was minding his own business when Yahweh called him to speak words of correction and words of comfort to God’s special people. Does God still use “regular people” to work His will in the world? Can he use a sheepherder and a seasonal farmer to teach God’s righteousness?

Walking & Working with God: God’s Prophet, Jeremiah, Part 1
Jeremiah was from a highly religious family in Anathoth, a town just three miles northeast of Jerusalem. One of the high points of this servant’s teaching is found in 9:24, “let the person who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD…” Is it possible to work with God even when you don’t feel like it? Is it possible to put duty ahead of desire and teach those who need to know God?

Weeping & Working with God: God’s Prophet, Jeremiah, Part 2
Despite Jeremiah’s numerous oracles of judgment and doom, he speaks predominately a message of hope in the love and mercy of God. This message of God-based hope is the lifeblood of Jeremiah’s teaching. How do we capture hope in our own hearts and then communicate hope in hopeless situations?

Mel Witcher

Preparing the Heart of the Teacher

Understanding the Hearts of Our Students

Designing Lessons to Touch Minds and Hearts